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It's been a peculiar path that has led to ETHEREAL'S debut single "Scattered Time" hitiing #5 on The BILLBOARD Hot Singles Chart.​  I met ETHEREAL when she was 17 years old.  She had been singing since birth and began competing in state fairs and various other vocal and beauty competitions at age 5 and had placed 1st in all of them.  I was asked to help compose and produce some original music for her.  By the time I had met her, she was already somewhat of a local legend due to her vocal prowess and exotic beauty.  Despite her rare talents, I soon discovered that ETHEREAL had no real desire to be famous or rich, or to even share her talents with others.  Even when we recorded a song that she absolutely loved, she expressed no desire to share it with the world.​  I had never seen anything like it.  Most singers live to be famous.  Not ETHEREAL.​  I would eventually write my debut feature film based upon this elusive songstress entitled, "A Winter Rose".  I had written the film as a vehicle for her enormous talents in both music and acting.  True to form, she turned down the leading role.

Finally, in 2015, we started compiling the music which would be assembled into her debut record, "SECRET ROOM".  I convinced her to appear in the film in a performing cameo and to release her music to the world.  The resulting music is truly unique and reveals to us a very reclusive soul who inhabits her own world.​  I am extremely happy to share with all of you this exquisite artist and the magical music she creates from deep within her secret room.

Riz Story  ~  2016

"Rainy Day"
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